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Understanding the Breakthrough Design Process for Lighting Projects 


Are you looking for a lighting designer but don’t know what to expect? The breakthrough design process is a comprehensive approach that helps lighting designers get to know their clients and produce tailored lighting solutions for their spaces. 

The first step in the process is getting to know the client and understanding their needs. The lighting designer will want to know how the space will be used, what mood the client wants to achieve, and any other specifications they might have. 

Once the lighting designer has a clear understanding of the client’s needs, they will produce technical drawings and floor plans that specify the types of lights that will be used, their locations, and how they will be controlled. This information is important for both the client and the installer. 

For clients who are tech-savvy, a lighting control system is recommended. Even those who are not comfortable with technology will find the system easy to use, with simple wall switches that can control the lighting. 

The breakthrough design process includes a lighting presenter, which outlines the technical details of each light fitting and what effect it will have. This information helps the client understand the impact of the lighting design and make any necessary changes before installation. 

The breakthrough design process is a collaborative effort between the designer, supplier, and installer. By working with all three parties, clients can be assured that their lighting project will be custom-tailored to their needs and installed correctly. 

At the end of the process, clients receive a master plan with all the symbols, a technical drawing showing circuit numbers and light fittings, and a lighting presenter with technical details about each fitting. With this comprehensive approach, clients can achieve the unique, bespoke lighting installation they desire. 

In summary, the breakthrough design process is a comprehensive approach to lighting design that takes into account the client’s needs, produces technical drawings and floor plans, and provides a lighting presenter with technical details about each fitting. By working with all parties involved, clients can achieve the custom-tailored lighting installation they desire. 

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