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Transforming Poolside Ambiance with Lighting Design 


We recently had the opportunity to work on an exhilarating swimming pool project that presented its fair share of challenges. However, with the expertise of our lighting specialists and profound knowledge of smart lighting control, audio systems, and other electrical technologies, we, at Astra Lumos surpassed all expectations by crafting an elegant and efficient design. The outcome left our client delighted and truly satisfied. 

Overcoming Obstacles with Cutting-Edge Technology: 

The project demanded meticulous planning and execution, which led Astra Lumos to employ the latest wireless lighting control system – the RAKO system. This advanced solution allowed the team to exercise complete control over the pool’s lighting without the risks associated with wet fingers touching switches. The client was thrilled to learn that their pool area was not only beautifully illuminated but also efficiently and safely controlled. 

Integrating Smart Lighting Controls and Audio Systems: 

In addition to the intelligent lighting controls, we incorporated an app control feature for the lighting system, along with an audio system. This dynamic integration empowered the client to effortlessly manage their swimming pool lighting and music with a simple touch of a button on their mobile device, creating a seamless and enjoyable relaxation space. 

The Design Process: 

The journey toward creating the perfect lighting system began with an extensive consultation session to grasp the client’s needs and preferences. Details such as colour preferences and desired ambiance were thoroughly discussed. We also took into account the pool’s surroundings, striving to strike a harmonious balance between atmosphere and functionality. 

Once armed with all the necessary information, our team set out to draught a meticulous plan. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we designed a lighting system that could adapt to different occasions and moods. From lively parties to tranquil evenings by the pool, each setting was carefully curated. Ground and wall lights were strategically installed around the swimming pool to accentuate specific features, evoking a warm and elegant atmosphere. The result was a well-lit outdoor space that delighted the clients and filled Astra Lumos with a sense of pride. 

An Exemplary Outcome: 

The recent pool project stands as a testament to Astra Lumos’ prowess in smart lighting control, audio systems, and electrical technologies. The innovative use of wireless RAKO lighting controls and app control facilitated a safe and efficient control system, while the audio system provided the perfect poolside soundtrack. 

A Commitment to Excellence: 

At Astra Lumos, our unwavering commitment to utilising the latest technologies enables us to create elegant, reliable, and energy-efficient electrical solutions that enhance the beauty of any space. The swimming pool project exemplifies this commitment, and we are thrilled to have been part of such a remarkable endeavour. Astra Lumos eagerly awaits more exciting projects that challenge our knowledge and skills, allowing us to continue delivering exceptional results. 

Our recent triumph in the swimming pool project showcases our ability to transform spaces through smart lighting control, audio systems, and electrical technologies. By surpassing hurdles with our expertise and dedication, we successfully created a visually stunning and technologically advanced pool area that not only satisfied our client but also accentuated the natural beauty of the surroundings.  

With our commitment to excellence and passion for innovative solutions, Astra Lumos is the ideal partner for those seeking to enhance their poolside experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you aspire to spend more enchanting evenings by your pool, free from concerns about outdated or inadequate lighting. 

Let Astra Lumos create a poolside oasis that will exceed your expectations. Contact me at or 01386 904 000. 

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