Astra Lumos


We are able to install a variety of control systems, each of which allows a certain amount of home automation and integration.

Control system Dynalite

One of the more flexible control systems, allows a huge range of flexibility when it comes down to the switching. With the network linked switches, we are able to configure any switch to control any circuit.

A huge benefit of this, is an All Off switch by the front door, so that as you’re on your way out for the evening, at a single click of a button, all the lights can be turned off.

Often looked to for the most cost effective solution for wireless switching, it is a reliable and adaptable solution for single room upgrades.

Control system Rako

Control system Lutron

The most well known control system as it has been one of the forerunners for generations. Offering a highly bespoke option which prides itself on being the most “Connected smart lighting control brand.”

Rako and Lutron offer the best wireless adaptability to their systems, making either an ideal choice for a retrofit. All 3 systems are highly capable for any situation where other items want to be incorporated within the smart home, such as heating or electric blinds.