Astra Lumos


Interior Lighting

Interior lighting can dramatically transform any space. Whether you desire to create a relaxed chilled environment for the snug, or perhaps bright task lighting is needed in the office, each space needs to be looked at carefully and curated accordingly. Lighting not only determines the ambiance and mood, it also makes a room fit for purpose, it effects colours textures and features and if incorrectly designed, it can hinder a well-designed space.

Exterior & Landscape Lighting

When done properly, you are able to create a “5th Room” in your outdoor space, and use it as a flowing part of your home. Similar to indoor lighting, key aspects include task lighting, showcasing stand-out features, exterior textures to be highlighted and security concerns. We get to know how you use the space and how light can create that sense of joy people look for.

Control Systems and Audio Visual

As life becomes more connected, we understand people’s desire for their homes to also stay connected. Lighting control systems offer a solution to that conundrum. At the touch of a button or by using your phone, you can control your lighting both at home and away. A major benefit to this is an “All Off” button by the front door, allowing you to ensure no lights are left on as you’re leaving. From an Audio Visual perspective, this really comes down to a client’s personal taste and how they use their space. From multi-room speakers so that everyone can listen to their own music through to 7.1 surround sound for those movie lovers, we are able to help clients get the final result they want.

Residential and Commercial Installations

We have a vast range of experience when it comes to both residential and commercial electrical installations.


Our residential experience ranges from custom new build projects, Cotswold Stone properties, Listed buildings and even includes a hermetically sealed Passivhaus. We collaborate with interior designers, kitchen designers, architects and garden designers with our combined aim to create our client their dream space. We’ve also worked in collaboration with clients and Historic England so that we can both achieve the ‘wow factor’ final result whilst also staying within the Listed Building Consent for any work.

Commercial Installations

Our commercial projects range from boutique shops and salons, renown restaurants and pubs, through to national multimillion pound companies.
We’ve found that our solution led approach is what sets us apart from other designers and installers. We aim to bring a fresh approach to problems with a quick fire idea session often highlighting options to move forward.