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Lighting Design for Water Features 


Water features come in different forms, each requiring unique control methods. At Astra Lumos, we have worked on many projects involving water features, such as boxed fountains with LED rings and upright jets. We’ve also installed curved or straight blade style water features, where LED strips illuminate the flowing water, creating a mesmerising effect resembling a waterfall. 

The Power of Colour: 

When it comes to lighting water features, colour plays a significant role. While some clients prefer the traditional blue lighting, others opt for colour-changing LED tapes, providing them with the freedom to customise the ambiance. However, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic and highlight the natural elements, such as Natural Stone and textures. In many cases, a warm white illumination can beautifully complement the surroundings. 

Water Ecosystem: 

One of our noteworthy projects involved a celebrity client who sought to enhance his man-made lake. To maintain a healthy ecological balance, we incorporated a floating, high-powered water fountain. This fountain acted as a means to aerate the lake, ensuring adequate oxygen levels for the fish and keeping algae at bay. To add convenience and control, we integrated the fountain into the client’s control system. 

The Technology Behind Control Systems: 

Integrating a water feature into a control system involves a blend of technology and innovation. In the case of our celebrity client, we faced the challenge of implementing multiple wireless relay switches that worked seamlessly together. This setup allowed our client to control the water fountain from a distance, using his phone. Such automation offers benefits, including winter maintenance, power conservation, and easy access for maintenance tasks. 

Considering Efficiency and Usage: 

Efficiency and usage play vital roles in water feature control. By implementing timers, we ensure that the fountain runs only during specified hours, conserving energy and minimising disruption to wildlife. Additionally, we provide our clients with various control options, such as conventional wall switches, app-based controls, or integration with existing control systems. This flexibility allows them to tailor the operation of their water features to their specific needs. 

By seamlessly integrating water features into control systems, we offer our clients the convenience of remote operation, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. Whether it’s highlighting the beauty of natural stone or creating a harmonious water ecosystem, the possibilities are endless when artistry meets technology. 

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