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How to Use and Control Your Heatmiser Programmable Thermostat 


If you have a Heatmiser programmable thermostat, you have the power to efficiently control the temperature in different zones of your home or office. Unlike traditional thermostats, Heatmiser thermostats are self-contained and allow independent programming for each area, providing optimal comfort and energy savings. 

How to turn up the heat using a Heatmiser Neo version 2 thermostat and explore some additional tips for maximizing its functionality? 

Understanding the Heatmiser Neo Version 2 Thermostat: 

The Heatmiser Neo version 2 thermostat is commonly installed in underfloor heating systems. Each zone has its own thermostat, allowing individual control over temperature and timing. This self-contained thermostat simplifies programming and offers convenience for maintaining different temperatures in various areas of your space. 

Basic Heat Adjustment: 

To turn up the heat on your Heatmiser Neo version 2 thermostat, locate the four buttons along the bottom: tick, left, right, and up/down. Press the “up” button to increase the desired temperature. You will notice the temperature on the display rising, and a flame icon indicating that the boiler is firing and producing heat. The thermostat will maintain this elevated temperature until the next programmed section takes effect. 

Using the Hold Function: 

Alternatively, you can utilize the “left” and “right” arrows to scroll through the options on the thermostat. Find the “hold” button and press it. This feature allows you to set a specific temperature and duration to hold that temperature. For instance, if you want to keep the house warm throughout Christmas day, you can hold the desired temperature for the entire day, overriding the regular programming. 

Adding the Heatmiser Neo Hub: 

For enhanced control, you can integrate the Heatmiser Neo Hub into your system. The Neo Hub provides additional functionality through the Heatmiser app. It allows you to remotely adjust the thermostat settings, making it convenient for frequent travelers or ensuring your home is comfortably warm upon your return. 

Selecting the Right Finish: 

The Heatmiser Neo version 2 thermostat comes in three finishes: white, black, and gray. These options are generally sufficient for most applications. To maintain a consistent aesthetic, consider placing the thermostat away from light switches or sockets, avoiding the need to match the finish precisely. 

Understanding and effectively utilizing your Heatmiser programmable thermostat, particularly the Heatmiser Neo version 2, empowers you to create a comfortable and energy-efficient living or working environment. 

By following the simple instructions for adjusting the heat and leveraging features like the hold function and the Neo Hub, you can optimize your thermostat’s performance. With the flexibility offered by Heatmiser thermostats, you can enjoy a personalized and efficient heating system tailored to your needs. 

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