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Glam Up Your Home with Lighting Designs 


Are you tired of your home feeling a little lacklustre? Do you want to transform your living space into a haven of elegance and style? Look no further than accent lighting! Illuminating your home with carefully chosen accent lighting can bring a touch of magic to your interiors. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of lighting design and explore how to glam up your home with the mesmerising charm of accent lighting. 

1. Understanding Accent Lighting


Accent lighting is a design technique that focuses on highlighting specific areas, objects, or architectural features in a space. It adds depth, drama, and visual interest to your home by creating contrasts between light and shadow. The purpose of accent lighting is not just to illuminate but to evoke emotions, create ambiance, and draw attention to the finer details that make your home unique. 

2. Types of Accent Lighting 

a. Uplighting: Uplights are fixtures that cast light upwards, emphasising the height of walls or architectural elements. This technique is great for accentuating textured walls, indoor plants, and artwork. 

b. Downlighting: Downlights, such as recessed or track lighting, direct light downwards. They’re perfect for highlighting specific spots like dining tables, kitchen countertops, or decorative objects on shelves. 

c. Wall Washing: Wall washing involves placing lights at a distance from the wall to create a soft, even glow. This technique can make a room appear larger and showcase beautiful textures or patterns on the walls. 

d. Spotlighting: Spotlights are used to draw attention to a particular object or area. Whether it’s a sculpture, a focal point in a room, or a unique piece of furniture, spotlights add drama and intrigue. 

3. Choosing the Right Fixtures 

When it comes to accent lighting, the fixtures you choose play a crucial role in determining the overall ambiance. Consider the style of your home – whether it’s modern, traditional, or somewhere in between – and choose fixtures that complement that aesthetic. 

a. Chandeliers and Pendants: These fixtures can add a touch of glamour to your space. Install them in entryways, above dining tables, or in living areas for a captivating focal point. 

b. Wall Sconces: Wall sconces are versatile and can be used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in bedrooms, hallways, or even bathrooms. 

c. Recessed Lights: These lights are discreet and provide a clean, minimalist look. Use them for ambient or task lighting in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

4. Layering Your Lighting 

The key to achieving a truly enchanting atmosphere is to layer your lighting. Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a dynamic and inviting space. This approach allows you to control the mood and functionality of each area, making your home both visually appealing and practical. 

5. Playing with Colour and Intensity 

Don’t limit yourself to white or neutral light. Experiment with coloured bulbs or filters to create a unique ambiance. Dimmers are also your best friend when it comes to accent lighting. Adjusting the intensity of light can drastically change the mood of a room, from bright and lively to intimate and cosy. 

6. Showcasing Art and Decor 

Accent lighting is an art form that allows you to curate your home like a gallery. Highlight artwork, sculptures, and decorative elements that deserve attention. This not only elevates your interior design but also gives your cherished pieces the spotlight they deserve. 

Lighting Design is not just about illuminating a space; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that resonates with your unique style and personality. By skillfully incorporating different types of accent lighting and experimenting with fixtures, colour, and intensity, you can turn your home into a mesmerising work of art. 

While doing a DIY lighting project can be a fun and rewarding endeavour, for those seeking a seamless and professional transformation, enlisting the expertise of professionals can be a game-changer. Astra Lumos is here to turn your lighting dreams into reality. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating stunning spaces that reflect your vision. You can reach us through email at or give us a call at 01386 904 000. 

Until next time, may your days be filled with the radiance of beautifully designed spaces. We look forward to your continued journey with us, as we explore the intricate world of lighting design, electrical installations, and more. For in-depth insights and visual demonstrations, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. From lighting design to multi-room audio and smart heating controls, we’re excited to share a wealth of knowledge to brighten up your living experience. 

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