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Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting Design 


Lighting design is an important element of any interior or exterior space, but it can also be a complex and overwhelming subject for those who are new to it. To make this topic easier for you, here are some frequently asked questions about lighting design and if you prefer to watch or listen than read, here’s the video on our Astra Lumos YouTube channel that sparked this article: Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting Design > 

What Does A Lighting Designer Actually Do? 

The quick answer is that we design the lighting and electrical system and then also install it. So, to put it simply, we choose the precise locations in a home where light fixtures, plugs, switches, and if you want to go further, speakers, TVs, and the like are best installed. This allows us to customize your home so that it meets all your needs, including for example, making your bedroom the nicest and easiest space to use with numerous lighting scenarios to suit your mood. The illumination therefore accurately reflects your actions and feelings in the bedroom, depending on your mood and what you’re doing there. For instance, you would want your lighting to be as bright as possible while applying your makeup. Or, while reading a book, you might have some mood lighting on dim with your bedside lamp on bright, such as LED tape and low-level floor lamps, or the like. These are but a few brief illustrations of the work a lighting designer truly conducts. 

The Most Common Query Is How Much It Costs? 

That is a somewhat challenging question as it depends on the size, shape, and level of involvement you require from your lighting designer. Therefore, a two-bedroom apartment in London will be less expensive than a manor house in the country with seven bedrooms. Having said that, it goes without saying that the design will be slightly more expensive if you want to include connected audio, visual multi-room speakers, and that kind of extremely sophisticated technological home. But in reality, everything of this nature is always tailored to you as the individual, the property, and the intended use of the space. I, therefore, am unable to give you a specific value for that. But rest assured that if you work with Astra Lumos, we always walk our clients through the design process so that we may discuss, collaborate, and balance their ideal installation. Budget is, of course, the most important factor. 

Is It Worth Bringing A Lighting Designer Into Your Project? 

In my personal opinion, absolutely! The number of times that we get introduced to people who are doing their outdoor lighting and say, having finished their home, “You know what, I wish I’d known about you guys at the beginning, because we could have done the whole seamless transition from inside to outside”. Hearing that always breaks a little bit of our hearts. We wish we could just assist everyone, but unfortunately, that is not the case. 

If all you want to do is renovate a house, sell it, and then move on, it might not be worth it. Although high street estate agents have informed us that investing money on lighting, electrical upgrades, and making sure the home is up to date, we’ve been told that there’s roughly about 180% return on investment. So yes, I would say it is worth it. 

But My Electrician Says That He Can Do It For Me… 

This is another common thing that we hear from new clients and then after the work is completed, we often receive calls to go in and fix it. In this case, your electrician might be able to help you. However, the times when a straightforward grid of downlights in a kitchen or bathroom actually produced the wow factor that buyers were after for their investment are long gone. In other words, our clients put in a lot of effort and have likely earned their money through years of saving up to get the improvements done. So, having a skilled lighting design and installation company behind you for your restoration project is crucial since all we want for you as our client is the best. And that is just because you’ve got a team that is highly experienced, super qualified and all in-house, so we can manage the entire project in a seamless way. Managing the whole project enables us to move and flex with you as the project changes without having to constantly bring in new people. Put it this way… we’ve never had a project where we’ve started, and it hasn’t changed partway through. 

I’m not saying that your electrician, whom you’re entrusting your project to, is incapable of doing it. I’m just saying that it pays to go through the process of having a professional design done by the same company that is going to install it, so that your home truly has the “wow” factor you’re looking for and is worth the investment you are making in it. 

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