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Eco Home Lighting and Electrical Installation Tips 


If you’re about to embark on an eco-home journey, keep reading because I’ve got four simple tips to make your home feel luxurious while also making it as energy efficient as possible. 

Astra Lumos is the UK’s foremost authority on luxury lighting and outstanding spaces. Some of the Eco home tips we have for you today were inspired by a phone call I had with a new client who is about to venture on her eco home journey. 

The first and probably most important step is lighting control… 

With lighting control, you can tailor each room (each scene) so that each individual room is set up to your specific needs. You can also set timers and other controls within your lighting control system, such as remote access. This feature enables you to ensure that no unnecessary lights are left on while you’re away from home. 

One of the other main advantages that our lighting control customers adore is the ‘All Off’ button, which is conveniently located near the front door. This is a great feature for when you’re walking out the door and everyone is waiting for you in the car… you’re about to lock the door and out of the corner of your eye you notice that someone has left the bathroom lights on at the far end of the house! This is when to use the ‘All Off’ feature, enabling you to switch off all the lights without having to run back into the house to do it. 

The lighting control system that we recommend and fit the most for our customers is the RAKO Lighting Control System and I recently created a video to walk you through a couple of their brilliant products. Watch my RAKO Bridge VS RAKO Hub video here > 

The next thing to consider is Smart Heating… 

Smart heating would be the next easy win. As a result, there are numerous smart heating brands on the market. Heatmiser is a brand that we frequently recommend and specify in all our projects and the reason for this is that it is strong, dependable, and has been around for a long time. This, too, has the capability of remote access. So, if you’re on vacation and return to a cold house, you can always log in remotely, bring the house up to temperature, and then walk in on nice toasty warm floors or nice warm bathrooms. You won’t have the dreaded two-day warmup period that comes with a traditional heating control system. 

Remote Access is my third tip, and when I say remote access, that means things like your lighting, your heating, but also things such as your CCTV and Wi-Fi. Remote access to lighting systems is an increasingly popular feature in homes and businesses. You can control your lighting from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet if you have remote access. This is especially useful if you are away from home and want to turn on or off the lights or change the lighting settings in a specific room. Remote control of lighting systems is also a feature of smart home systems, which allows you to control various aspects of your home remotely, such as heating, cooling, and security. A smart home system is especially useful if you travel frequently and want to be able to monitor and control your home while you’re away. 

Finally, think about multi-room audio. Everyone enjoys multi-room audio, especially during the holiday season. Personally, I have it playing in the living room, hallway, and kitchen so that when we have our annual family Christmas Eve gathering, the same song is playing throughout the house, and everyone is in the holiday spirit. Everyone can hear the same music. And then you’re just filling the house with warm, comforting music. 

Again, if you or someone you know is about to embark on this journey, please contact me by email at or call me at 01386 904 000. My team of qualified in-house electricians, and I will be happy to assist you or point you in the right direction. 

Oh, and if you love this article, head over to our YouTube channel for more lighting design and luxury home renovation tips. 

We’ll be creating a lot more YouTube videos on various aspects of lighting design, electrical design, and installation of both, including audiovisual, multi-room audio, smart heating controls, and the like. So, let me know if you have any specific questions that you would like me to answer by video and I will add it to the channel for you! 

Until next time, have a great day and I will look forward to seeing you in the next article! 

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