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Astra Lumos Sheds Light on Benvenuti: Elevating a Local Italian Restaurant’s Ambience 


Astra Lumos, the esteemed lighting design specialists, are buzzing with excitement as we embark on a new lighting upgrade project this week for Benvenuti, a charming Italian restaurant located in Pershore.  

Renowned for its delightful old world Italian dishes, Benvenuti provides an authentic dining experience and Astra Lumos understands the significance of lighting in creating the perfect ambiance for their restaurant.  

In this article, we will explore the essential lighting design and electrical aspects of upgrading the existing lighting in a property, highlighting Astra Lumos’s contribution to transforming Benvenuti into a visually stunning and captivating space. 

Assessing Existing Lighting Infrastructure: 

Before embarking on this lighting upgrade project, Astra Lumos thoroughly evaluated the existing lighting infrastructure at Benvenuti. We assessed the placement, type, and condition of the current fixtures, considering factors such as brightness, colour temperature, and energy efficiency. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current lighting system, we could the strategically plan the upgrades to optimise the restaurant’s visual appeal and energy consumption. 

Lighting Design for Different Areas: 

Astra Lumos recognises that each area within the restaurant requires a tailored lighting design approach. For instance, the dining area may benefit from warm, inviting lighting that enhances the customers’ dining experience. Meanwhile, the bar area might call for a mix of ambient and accent lighting to create a vibrant and social atmosphere. Astra Lumos carefully selects fixtures, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces, to match the desired mood and aesthetics of each specific area. 

Lighting Control Systems: 

Implementing advanced lighting control systems is an integral part of Astra Lumos’s upgrade plan for Benvenuti. These systems enable intuitive control over the restaurant’s lighting, allowing staff members to adjust the lighting levels as needed. Dimming capabilities can be incorporated to set different lighting scenes, creating different moods for various occasions, such as intimate dinners or festive gatherings. Moreover, the use of motion sensors and timers can help optimise energy consumption by automatically adjusting the lighting based on occupancy and operating hours. 

Accent Lighting and Visual Focal Points: 

Astra Lumos understands the importance of accent lighting in drawing attention to visual focal points within a restaurant. Whether it’s an art piece, a feature wall, or a display shelf, the skilled designers at Astra Lumos strategically position accent lighting fixtures to highlight these elements and create an inviting ambiance. By utilising adjustable spotlights or track lighting, they ensure that these focal points are showcased effectively, captivating the attention of patrons and enhancing the overall dining experience. 

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: 

As advocates of eco-friendly lighting solutions, Astra Lumos has prioritised energy efficiency and sustainability in our upgrade project for Benvenuti. We are incorporating LED lighting fixtures, which are not only energy-efficient but also have a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs. By carefully selecting fixtures with high efficacy ratings and using lighting control systems to optimise energy usage, Astra Lumos ensures that the lighting upgrade aligns with Benvenuti’s commitment to environmental responsibility. 

The Astra Lumos team are thrilled to embark on the lighting upgrade project for this wonderful restaurant and by evaluating the existing lighting infrastructure, designing customised lighting schemes for different areas, implementing advanced lighting control systems, emphasising accent lighting, and prioritising energy efficiency, our team is poised to transform Benvenuti into an even greater visually stunning and enchanting dining space.  

Through our expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we will ensure that every guest at Benvenuti experiences the perfect blend of delectable cuisine and captivating ambiance. 

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