Astra Lumos

About Us

Meet The Team

David Ritchie

David has been working in electrical installation and design since 2012 and having proved to clients via work ethic and always going beyond the call of duty created a reputation of trust and quality workmanship. He is an integral part to Astra Lumos and is the Head of Design and Installation.

James Fielding

James has been working within the electrical sphere since 2014. Working in a variety of different types of work including Commercial and Industrial and then joined David in 2016. James has been a major driving force of taking the business from strength to strength with a lot of the background work. James is an integral part of Astra Lumos and is the Head of Sales, Marketing and Accounts.

Jarryd Gray

Jarryd has been part of the family since 2014 and has grown from strength to strength. Starting as an apprentice through hard work and determination has become a key pivotal member of the Astra Lumos team. His experience ranges from Commercial to Residential with an in depth knowledge of Control Systems.

David Saxton

David joined the team from a non-electrical but hands on background. He’s risen through the ranks extremely quickly due to his hard working and “just get on with it” attitude.

Jamie Holmes

Jamie is 3 years into a very rewarding career and is already proving himself to be a valuable member of the team. Having joined Astra Lumos in July 2021, he’s grown immensely since then and we look forward to seeing how far he can go.

Rory May

Rory is 4 years into his electrical journey, having joined Astra Lumos from a more commercial background. He’s quickly become at home with high-end residential and is working hard to qualify in the next few months. He is a real asset to the team, and we’re excited to see how he grows with Astra Lumos.

Our Core Values

All of our installations incorporate our core values. Excellence, Integrity, Attention to detail and Joy. How do we incorporate these into our projects?

Excellence comes through everything we do, it’s the “doing it right, first time” attitude we instil within our company. It’s the “make sure it’s done property, even if no one else will ever see it,” and we are constantly asking ourselves, “how can we do it better next time?”. The benefit our clients see from this fewer mistakes, quicker install times, more bottom line savings.

Integrity allows pure and honest communication. It is this communication that becomes critical our process. We need to know how our clients use their space and understand what is important to them for us to create a beautiful home design around them.

Attention to detail is critical throughout the journey. We take the things that matter most in life and bring them front and centre of every occasion. Ensuring our clients have a beautiful space which reflects their personality whilst they can focus on creating lasting memories with those cherished family and friends. Our designs and installs ensure that every aspect of every room just works, so you can spend your time on the bigger things in life.

Our final and most important value is Joy. The joy our clients feel when they get to see the final product makes all the hard work worth it. Joy that comes from having your space work for you, not you adapting to your space, a small change that can often make the biggest difference. We believe that by focussing on the joy our work creates, we will always have our client’s best interest at heart.