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4 Key Things to Consider in Your Bathroom Lighting and Design 


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, so it’s essential to make sure it’s pleasant and practical for your needs. Space, size, lighting, and colour are the four main factors to take into account while remodelling or even making minor adjustments to your bathroom. 


1.The first factor to think about when planning or remodeling a bathroom is space. What elements you can include in your bathroom will depend on how much space you have. If your bathroom is small, you might need to get inventive with your storage options and light placement. However, if your bathroom is bigger, you might have more opportunity to install extra features like a separate shower and bathtub. 

Consider built-in storage solutions to make the most of your available space. Wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, and vanity cabinets can help you organize your bathroom while reducing clutter. Furthermore, picking fixtures that are specifically built for smaller spaces, such as corner sinks or tiny toilets, will assist you in making the most of the available space.. 


2. Another significant factor to consider is the size of your bathroom. While it may appear to be a minor distinction, the size of your bathroom can have an impact on the entire feel and function of the space. A smaller bathroom may feel claustrophobic and unwelcoming, whereas a larger bathroom may feel cold and empty. 

Consider the scale and proportion of your fixtures to make the most of your bathroom’s space. A large vanity in a small bathroom, for example, may make the space feel even smaller, but a small vanity in a large bathroom may appear out of place. Additionally, selecting fixtures that are correctly sized for your area can assist create a coherent and comfortable atmosphere. 


3. Lighting is another important factor to consider when building or updating your bathroom. Proper lighting may contribute to the creation of a useful and comfortable room while also providing aesthetic flair and style. 

When choosing your bathroom lighting, consider the different types of lighting available, including overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Overhead lighting provides general illumination for the entire bathroom, while task lighting is focused on specific areas like the vanity or shower. Accent lighting can be used to highlight decorative features or add visual interest to the space. 


4. Finally, color is an important factor to consider while designing a bathroom. The color you choose can influence the entire atmosphere and feel of the room, as well as its apparent size and brightness. 

Take into account the overall style and vibe you wish to create when selecting a bathroom color palette. Neutral colors like white or beige can produce a peaceful and calming environment, whilst brighter colors like blue or green can offer vitality and vibrancy. Consider the quantity of natural light in your bathroom, as this might affect how colors are perceived. 

You may design a useful and comfortable space that fulfills your needs and reflects your particular style by taking these aspects into consideration. For more information, or to speak to a member of our team about working with the UK’s leading authority in creating stunning spaces, email me at or call 01386 904 000. 

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